Calling all Celiacs (and gluten free peeps)… I have a challenge for you!

Hey! It is Celiac Awareness Month… earlier this month I issued a challenge to our friends and family (check that out here) now I have a challenge for you!

This disease sucks! It can be socially isolating, can make us feel sad, embarrassed, angry and a lot of other things, so before the end of May I challenge you to pay it forward to another celiac or person on a gluten free diet and help brighten someone’s day! It can be small it can be big. Here are just a few ideas

    • Share a favourite gluten free recipe.
    • Make eye contact with someone in the gluten free section of your local grocery store. Smile. Say hello. Connect. We are not alone!
    • Check out your local gluten free bakeries and eateries (I hope you like them) give them a 5 star rating on social media, recommend them to friends and family. These businesses support us and our unique needs we should support them!
    • Comment (nicely) on someone’s post in your local celiac forum so they feel supported and heard.
    • Say thank you to your local celiac association, foundation or organization. See if there is something you can volunteer for. Donate $$. Ask your friends to donate. We need a cure! Celiac disease isn’t sexy enough to attract a lot of research dollars, how can we change that?
    • Head to your local gluten free bakery and buy someone a cupcake or a cookie (I won’t judge you if you buy yourself a cupcake too, I would).
    • Say thank you to some of the companies who make gluten free foods. I know we often grumble that we have to pay so much more for gluten free food than regular food. Instead of grumbling today, say thank you and feel grateful that these companies exist for us.
    • What other ideas do you have? I would love to hear them!

Not sure how to brighten the day of someone with celiac disease? Do something kind for ANYONE during the month of May in the name of celiac disease. It will make you feel good!

MyCeliacFamilyChallengeI started this blog to raise awareness about celiac disease. I want to be a voice for people and to help them sort through their emotions. I have set a personal goal to spread kindness to fellow celiacs (or others who need to eat gluten free). Please accept my challenge and help me achieve my goal on a larger scale. Make someone’s day today! Please share what you do on my Facebook page or use the hashtag #myceliacfamilychallenge so I can see the kindness spread.

I have cried so many sad tears over this disease, I challenge you to make me (or someone else) cry some happy tears!

You can also spread some kindness to me by liking my My Celiac Family Facebook page or by subscribing to my blog. It makes me happy to know people are listening.

Now go make someone’s day brighter! #myceliacfamilychallenge

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