Gah – Did I Just Get Glutened?

Gah – Did I Just Get Glutened?


Glutened Meme ooooYou know what is nice about not having celiac disease – not having to wonder if EVERY LITTLE TWINGE means you have been accidentally glutened (and yes spellcheck, “glutened” is a word, because me and all my celiac friends say it is)!


You know the feeling… you’ve had a long hard day, you are sitting down to binge watch your favourite Netflix series and your stomach starts to grumble – it isn’t happy! You ate supper awhile ago so you aren’t hungry, oh no, this must mean you have been glutened!!!! You start going over the list in your head, “what did I eat today”, “where did I eat today”, “what did I touch today”, “who did I kiss today” (for the record this last one doesn’t apply to me since my husband also has celiac disease but I know some of you have to ask this question – and if you do have to ask this question your life might be a little more exciting than mine). 


I have a number of symptoms that I attribute to gluten exposure. The symptom that I have that seems to be shared by most of my celiac comrades is an upset stomach and unpleasant trips to the bathroom within the first 24ish hours. I also experience back pain between my shoulder blades, blurry vision and heartburn. After being glutened, I have an upset stomach for weeks, I feel nauseous every time I eat and I have persistent heart burn in addition to being tired and emotional. This is why I am scared and my thoughts immediately go to “Oh no, I’ve been glutened” at the first sign of any bodily discomfort. 


I sure miss the days of indigestion because I ate too much or of having gas because I ate lots of broccoli. I miss the days of an upset stomach meaning that I was in for a stomach flu or laying on the bathroom floor purging my body of food poisoning. You know what is nice about most stomach bugs or food poisoning incidents that I have experienced? Most of the symptoms are gone in a couple of days, maybe a week at most. After being glutened it takes me weeks to feel better. The more immediate symptom of running to the bathroom passes in a day or two. The exhaustion maybe takes a week, but the nausea, heartburn, upset stomach and backaches last for weeks. 


So, no matter what your symptoms of being glutened are (I have yet to meet two celiacs with the exact same reaction times and/or symptoms) I feel your pain and stress. I hope that twinge that you just felt doesn’t mean you have been glutened, but if it does I am sending you a virtual hug!



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