Gluten Free Kutia

Gluten Free Kutia for Ukrainian Christmas

Kutia is a traditional Ukrainian dish. My family always ate it on Ukrainian Christmas Eve at the start of our meal. I have celebrated Ukrainian Christmas with my husband’s family for the last 20+ years and they also start their Christmas Eve meal with Kutia. Last year was our first Ukrainian Christmas since our celiac diagnosis and therefore our first Gluten Free Kutia. Kutia (also spelled Kutya) is a wheat pudding that is usually served as the first of 12 traditional Ukrainian dishes on Ukrainian Christmas Eve.

I am pretty determined not to allow our required gluten free lifestyle to make us miss out on things, so I created this wheatless gluten free Kutia recipe for My Celiac Family to enjoy. I wanted to share it in case there are others out there missing this traditional food.

The best part about this Gluten Free Kutia recipe is that it is actually faster and easier than my original Kutia recipe! You can be enjoying it in just over 3 hours instead of having to soak the grains overnight. Here is the basic recipe, but you can modify it based on your family’s traditions. I think the sorghum is the trick to getting the texture right.

My family always served kutia plain and warm. People could then garnish it with either garlic if they wanted it savory or with candies or sugar if they wanted it sweet. My husband’s family serves theirs cold and sweet and is what I had become accustomed to prior to my celiac diagnosis. If you prefer a savory version leave out the honey and the sugar.

Gluten Free Kutia


Cooking Instructions:

  1. Add the water and sorghum to slow cooker and cook on high for 2.5 hours.
  2. Add toasted buckwheat groats and gluten free steel cut oats cook for additional 0.5 hours
  3. Mix in poppy seeds, chopped pecans, honey and sugar to taste. You can also leave the sugar and honey out and people can add sweet or savory ingredients individually to taste. You may also need to add a bit more cold water if it is too sticky.

Yield & Storage

  • LOTS! This is a Ukrainian recipe and like any good Ukrainian recipe there will be more then enough to share if any neighbours drop in. Think breakfast for the family for almost a week!
  • Store in the refrigerator for up to a week
Gluten Free Kutia Ingredients

I hope you love this Ukrainian Gluten Free Kutia! We don’t really remember what the original kind tastes like anymore, but this version is a comfort food for my family. In addition to being a Ukrainian Christmas staple, it makes a hearty breakfast. It is so easy that I think I will start making it a couple of times a year as a treat! Maybe it will even be something that I send for the kids in their lunch kit for a change once in awhile.

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