Gluten Free Kutia

Gluten Free Kutia for Ukrainian Christmas

Kutia is a traditional Ukrainian dish. My family always ate it on Ukrainian Christmas Eve at the start of our meal. I am pretty determined not to allow our required gluten free lifestyle to make us miss out on things so I created this wheatless gluten free Kutia recipe for My Celiac Family to enjoy last year. I made it again this year and decided I should share it in case there are others out there missing this traditional food.

Calgary Gluten Free Expo 2018 Highlights & Experiences

I think I was more excited than pretty much anybody in Calgary for the Calgary Gluten Free Expo 2018. Since I am so interested in learning everything I can about celiac disease I am part of a number of online groups. People are always posting pictures of various gluten free events and I have been hoping …

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Exploring Gluten Free Calgary

Exploring Gluten Free Calgary

Wow! Gluten free Calgarians are lucky! The list of gluten free Calgary restaurants, bakeries, vendor and producers is actually really long! The businesses listed here are all 100% gluten free. While I understand that a number of restaurants attempt to offer gluten free food, and some do it very well, I have a soft spot for places where I know My Celiac Family will be safe from cross-contamination.

My Celiac Family’s Favourite Gluten Free Spaghetti

As I was making this gluten free spaghetti dish tonight I was smiling and thinking about how healthy it is and how much my kids love it. When the sauce is simmering the smell gets everyone’s mouth watering and when the kids ask what is for supper and I say homemade spaghetti they cheer. I feel so good serving this to my family because it is full of veggies, fibre and protein and it is pretty easy to whip together on a week night.